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 Stefano Piotto 


 Simona Concilio


 Lucia Sessa PhD - Postdoc - AMPs, in silico toxicology, biomaterials

lab phone (+3908996) 8293

Design and development of new polymeric materials with potential antimicrobial and / or antifungal activity

Piotto, S. P., Sessa, L., Concilio, S. & Iannelli, P. YADAMP: yet another database of antimicrobial peptides. International journal of antimicrobial agents 39, 346-351, (2012).

Concilio, S., Piotto, S. P., Sessa, L., Iannelli, P., Porta, A. , Calabrese, E. C., Galdi , M. R. & Incarnato, L. Antimicrobial polymer films for food packaging. AIP Conference Proceedings 1459, 256-258, (2012).

Piotto, S. P., Concilio, S., Sessa, L., Iannelli, P., Porta, A. , Calabrese, E. C., Galdi , M. R. & Incarnato, L. Novel antimicrobial polymer films active against bacteria and fungi. Polym Composite 34, 1489-1492, (2013).

Piotto, S. P., Concilio, S., Sessa, L., Porta, A., Calabrese, E. C., Zanfardino, A., Varcamonti,  M. & Iannelli, P., Small azobenzene derivatives active against bacteria and fungi. European journal of medicinal chemistry 68, 178-184, (2013).

Bruno, A., Borriello, C.,  Di Luccio, T., Nenna, G., Sessa, L., Concilio, S., Haque, S. & Minarini, C. White light-emitting nanocomposites based on an oxadiazole–carbazole copolymer (POC) and InP/ZnS quantum dots. J Nanopart Res 15, 1-10, (2013).

Landi, G., Fahrner, W. R., Concilio, S., Sessa, L. & Neitzert, H. C. Electrical hole transport properties of an ambipolar organic compound with Zn-atoms on a crystalline Silicon heterostructure. IEEE Journal of Electron Devices Society  PP, doi:10.1109/JEDS.2014.2346584 (2014).

 Rosaura Parisi -  PHD student - Bioinformatics, algorithms, AMPs



Search of novel molecular descriptors for antimicrobial peptides

Luigi Di Biasi -  - Graduate - Bioinformatics, algorithms, AMPs, Software Developer, EEC

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GRIMD: distributed computing for chemists and biologists, S Piotto, L Di Biasi, S Concilio, A Castiglione, G Cattaneo, Bioinformation, 10 (1), 2014

YADA in a Nutshell: R Fino, L Di Biasi, S Piotto, R Parisi, G Cattaneo, A De Santis, L Sessa

Ida Moccia - Master student - Electronic devices, binding calculations

ida moccia


 Anna Montano -  Master student - Molecular dynamics

anna montano


Giovanni Di Fiore -  Master student - Antibiotics, biomaterials


 Vincenzo Trezza -  Master student - Antibiotics, biomaterials

Antonella Rella - Fellow - biomaterials

Antonella Rella


Roberto Fino -  Fellow - Bioinformatics

Roberto Fino