“Computing is the continuation of research by other means”

(readapt. from von Clausewitz)

Chemical modeling and bioinformatics are popular names to indicated a multitude of modern and sophisticated computational techniques for chemical and biological research. In the lab we are mainly focused on lipid membrane interactions, but we are also deeply involved in proteomic analysis, molecular docking, coarse grain dynamics, QSAR analysis and algorithm coding.


Selected publications

GRIMD: distributed computing for chemists and biologists

S Piotto, L Di Biasi, S Concilio, A Castiglione, G Cattaneo

Bioinformation 10(1): 043-047 (2014)

Small azobenzene derivatives active against bacteria and fungi

S Piotto, S Concilio, L Sessa, A Porta, EC Calabrese, A Zanfardino, ...

European journal of medicinal chemistry 68, 178-184, 2013

YADAMP: yet another database of antimicrobial peptides

SP Piotto, L Sessa, S Concilio, P Iannelli

International journal of antimicrobial agents 39 (4), 346-351, 2012

Segregation into domains observed in liquid crystal phases: comparison of experimental and theoretical data

H Amenitsch, C Bombelli, S Borocci, R Caminiti, F Ceccacci, C La Mesa, ...

Soft Matter 7 (7), 3392-3403, 2011

DPD Simulations of PMMA‐Oleic Acid Mixture Behaviour in Organic Capped Nanoparticle Based Polymer Nanocomposite

E Bianchino, S Piotto, F Mavelli, ML Curri, M Striccoli

Macromolecular symposia 286 (1), 156-163, 2009

CURVIS: a program to study and analyse crystallographic structures and phase transitions

S Piotto, R Nesper

Journal of applied crystallography 38 (1), 223-227, 2005