Design and synthesis of materials for electronics

Organic electronics, plastic electronics or polymer electronics, is a branch of electronics dealing with conductive polymers and conductive small molecules. It is called 'organic' electronics because the polymers and small molecules are carbon-based. This contrasts with traditional electronics, which relies on inorganic conductors and semiconductors, such as copper and silicon, respectively.

Conductive polymers are organic polymers that conduct electricity. Such compounds may have metallic conductivity or can be semiconductors. The biggest advantage of conductive polymers is their processability, mainly bydispersion. Conductive polymers are generally not thermoplastics, i.e., they are not thermoformable. But, like insulating polymers, they are organic materials. They can offer high electrical conductivity but do not show similar mechanical properties to other commercially available polymers. The electrical properties can be fine-tuned using the methods of organic synthesis and by advanced dispersion techniques.

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Selected publications

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