The lab is specialized in design, synthesis and characterization of molecules with pharmacological activities and polymers for electronics. The expertise range from chemical characterization to modeling and scientific visualization.

Modeling: we have experience in using and developing bioinformatics for data mining and chemical modeling. Among others, we successfully predicted and designed novel molecules acting as antimicrobial and anticancer compounds. A portion of the lab activities is devoted to collaborations with the center for nanomaterials Nanomates.

Synthesis:  we mainly perform syntheses of polymers, and our expertise range from the syntheses of different kind of monomers to the polymerization techniques, such as solution polycondensation, polyaddition, etc

Characterization: in our lab we perform the chemical physical characterization of our materials. The techniques used range from thermal analyses (DSC, TGA, DMA) to optical characterization (UV-Vis, Fluorescence), to structural analysis (IR, RX, NMR).

Scientific visualization: Long standing experience in scientific visualization with state-of-art viz tools like VTK, Avizo, Avs/Express, Curvis