Paper: Zn-complex based on oxadiazole/carbazole structure: synthesis, optical and electric properties


Thin Solid Films, S Concilio, V Bugatti, HC Neitzert, G Landi, A De Sio, J Parisi, S Piotto, ...

A mononuclear Zn(II) complex containing two carbazole/oxadiazole moieties, Zn(OC)2, was synthesized and characterized by means of elemental and thermal analyses and infrared spectroscopy. Current–voltage measurements of Ag/Zn(OC)2/p-Si and Ag/Zn(OC)2/n-Si heterostructures have been performed and compared to that of reference structures with the same metal contacts but without the insertion of the Zn(OC)2 layer. Good rectification behavior has been observed for both hetero-diodes, independent of the silicon substrate doping type, confirming that the metal–organic layer can act both as electron or hole-conductor. Zn(OC)2 complex displayed blue photo-luminescence in solution and in film.

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