The Soft Matter Lab is active on several research lines, some of them developed within international collaborations, some others completely developed in house. If you want to know more, go to specific pages.


Research lines on nanomaterials are focused on the preparation of nanoscaffolds for tissue engineering, and on theoretical investigation of the effect of confinement on polymer blend morphologies.


Our main achievement is the creation of a library of novel materials having strong biocidal activity and excellent mechanical performance.

Drug discovery

Most of our activity in drug discovery is focused on the role of lipid membranes as target for novel drugs: the so called "lipid therapy".
We are also active in the design and the production of new antibiotics with low cytotoxicity.


Modeling was one of the first line of research in the SMLab. We useĀ ab initio, QM/MM and molecular/coarse grain dynamics to investigate drug mechanism.


In the SMLab we developed novel algorithms to analyze and compare biosequences. Main outcomes are three websites: Yadamp, Grimd, and Protcomp.


The study of organic molecules and polymers for applications in optoelectronics is the, along with modeling, the oldest line of research in the lab. We worked on nonlinear optical materials, OLED and PLED.