Scientists are often not so great in communicating their ideas to the general public. We think that art (ops... scientific visualization) is an excellent way to spread a scientific message to a broad audience.

Hereafter, some examples are given. (for more artistic stuff, see this)


Continuous deformation of isosurfaces and colormap

 A proposed transformation between P surface into G and D surfaces.


video from movie origin of life





5D Plot

5D plot of ADMET calculation. The solubility AlogP98, the inhibition of cytochrome D6 and the hepatotoxicity are represented on the orthogonal axes. The PSA 2D is color mapped onto the spheres and the probability to cross the blood brain barrier is indicated with the size of the spheres. The square box represent the optimal subset of the 6156 molecules of Table 1. The best candidates are indicated within the small round box



Sometimes a more exotic visualization permits to extract important information. This example is an interactive web page to compare hundreds of antimicrobial peptides.