Stefano Piotto

Stefano Piotto is Assistant Professor in General Chemistry at the University of Salerno. After obtaining the master cum laude in Chemistry at the University of Rome in 1994, from 1995 to 1997 is running a chemical analysis laboratory for the Italian Army and he is, for a short period, programmer at IBM_Rome.
He obtained a PhD in Material Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zuerich in 2000, discussing a thesis titled "A Novel Surface Approach to Treat and Analyse Membranes, Micelles, Vesicles and their Transitions".
In these years he works in the group of Prof. P.L. Luisi where he is involved in the investigation of lipid systems from a mathematical point of view and he developes a new approach and new algorithms to investigate phase transitions.
From 2000 to 2003 he is postdoc in Solid State Chemistry in the group of Prof. R. Nesper. He develops further the algorithms for surface analysis and publishes the program CURVIS which permits interface analysis in a variety of systems, both inorganic and biological. He writes code for surface dynamics and Monte Carlo, and develops new graphical interfaces. He is responsible for the project CCN@ETHZ in the framework of ETHWorld project,. In 2004 he obtained a grant as Advanced Researcher from the Swiss Science National Foundation to investigate lipid membranes as potential drug delivery systems and he moves to the University of Salerno.

Since 2006 is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Salerno. His research activities are mainly focused on mesoscopic systems investigated by means of computational techniques. More information in the Research section.
He is author of circa 40 scientific papers, a book and a scientific movie.


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